Teresa Ruiz de Lobera ,Pérez-Minguez


Teresa´s work has been inspired by her surroundings and talks about peoples attituded to life, fear and love, day and night, death and passion, as well as representing " a journey" of emotional discovery

The formal qualities of her paintings are inspired by authours and artist like , Marck Chagall, paula rego, Ken Kiff and writters like Clarissa Pinkola, paulo Cohelo, Carl Jung and from her jpurney to the jungle in Iquito Perú as an artist residency " Sachamama" invated by Frnacisco Montes Shuna a shamanan a artist.

Her inspiration from my art work comes primary from the images seeing my visions, and people and real live animals of my surroundings, making her paintings more symbolic.

She likes to work from intuitive way , learns from nature to enable tough those places deep within ourselves through-

Descovering new ways of comunication

throug diferrent tecniques to be able to project her work. Having the fredom mixing the colours always seeking a bridge between a imaginary world and real world


I am an artist and teacher from Madrid Spain but now live in palma de mallorca.

 Ba (HONS) Fine Arts Falmouth University 2002. I am primary concern with colourd and paintings subjects figures from myeverydays life-I am committed to working directly from my interpretation and intiutive fellings aproching the images though  a quick expresim brush strokes resolving and making decisions from my concern for pictorial structure.

I have exhibited international and nationalart exhibitions like Brike lane Londo, Art fairs Holland, and Palau de la Musica valencia Spain-

I am part of colective artist group in  Palma de mallorca ART it ans a visual artist assosiation balearic island.

I taughted drawing and panting to adults and children , where i run  various workshops in creative painting or creativity and also currently i am teaching Erasmus+ teenagers though Education in progress Spain.